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Is there anyone else out there who dislikes the Fionavarr Tapestry books,
but really likes the rest of Guy Gavriel Kays books?  I started out with the
Fionavarr books and didn't finish the trilogy because I just didn't find it
very interesting.  I did finish it later, and it I wasn't very impressed.  I
read A Song for Arbonne and really liked it.  Less impressed with The Lions
of Al-Rassan, but I liked Tigiana (must reread that soon).  But I absolutely
loved The Sarantine Mosaic.  I loved the characters, the world he created
and the plot.  It was such a differenct reading experience that it's hard to
believe that they are produced by the same writer.


> To return briefly to the subject line of this message, I 
> tried a couple of books
> of GGK's Fionnavar (?sp) Tapestry, and I'm afraid I'm in the 
> "didn't like them"
> camp.  Not that they weren't an enjoyable read, but GGK's 
> attitude to sex (among
> other things) bugged me.  As a Christian who reads novels 
> that have come out of
> our modern society, I expect to disagree about sex with a lot 
> of authors; but it
> is seldom that it bugs me the way it did in these books.  The 
> books' good points
> were not enough to overcome this, for me anyway.
> Philip.
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