Heyer (was Re: Which dwj char are you?)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed Mar 6 08:49:05 EST 2002

> I have different tastes in books to both my parents;

Me too. My father claims to dislike sf and fantasy (but used to like H Rider
Haggard - and isn't SHE fantasy?). What he really likes is a full-bodied
adventure story, preferably with romance thrown in. Mother doesn't like
fantasy or sf either, and really, she reads very little fiction. She likes
Dick Francis, but usually seems to go for biography and such.

Both of them (bless their hearts) read my books as they come out... can you
imagine how they deal with YA paranormal, sf, ghosts and historical romance?

Father claims to really enjoy my romances, and probably does, since they're
often adventure too. As for Mother, can she *really* enjoy my fantasy since
she refuses to read anyone else's? It's highly flattering that she thinks my
stuff "much better than Harry Potter" but since she stuck on Page 2 of Phil.
Stone I'm not convinced that she really knows what she's talking about...

Still, they try.


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