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Wed Mar 6 05:08:45 EST 2002

I've just been looking up biographies
of L M Montgomery and critical work about her - has anyone read anything
they can recommend?


Me!  A long time ago my aunt gave me a biography called "Kindred Spirit:
the Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery."  It's not a particularly critical work,
and probably fits into children's biography (though at the high end--I
remember it being rather honest but it wasn't chock full of footnotes and
references) but it made quite an impression on me--I think I must have
read it at least half a dozen times and I remember things about her life
more than I remember a lot of things--it's one of those books I still
think about randomly from time to time (especially when there's some kind
of Anne film adaptation goig on, because Montgomery got royally screwed in
terms of contract).  And I named a doll Maud (almost said a daul Mood)
after reading it.  It's not entirely a happy story--her life definately
had some downs to it--but I think it's so worth reading something about
her--although that could be simply because I read so much stuff by her.  I
didn't like all of it--didn't read a lot of things--but there were a few
books that really shaped me: Rilla of Ingleside (the whole war thing), The
Story Girl and short stories that were in/not in that book (especially all
those stories about proud women who scorned their lovers and then made it
up somehow to the one or two orphaned children that he'd had while they
had locked themselves up as recluses), and the Blue Castle (which I still
just think is an exceptional piece of work) stand out among these (esp the
first and last, though all those embittered women certainly scared me.)
Relating her books to her life--and her less than fulfilling relationships
with everyone from her father to her husband--was important to me: it
deepens _Rilla_ because I know of Montgomery's impotent fascination with
the war (I believe though I'm not 100% sure that she had a son off
fighting), which she followed on maps at home.  Stuff like that.

I just tried to check a few things
online, and I couldn't find a detailed biography, but I did find a page of
links that includes quite a few of her books online:


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