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Tue Mar 5 22:24:30 EST 2002

>>I have a strange relationship with Tanith Lee's books.  Some of them I 
really love.  But an awful lot are just not my scene at all.<<

Hardly surprising. Taneth Lee has chiefly made her name writing what can only 
be called horror -- even if it generally IS marketed as fantasy. Deffinitely 
not everyone's bag. 

But she has written straight fantasy as well. Particularly early in her 
career. And every once and a while she goes back to it.

>>But three of her adult books stand out as books I would strongly recommend 

The Silver Metal Lover
When the Lights Go Out
Drinking Sapphire Wine<<

Sapphire Wine is the second book of a pair. The first of the set is Don't 
Bite the Sun. Same world, a lot of the same characters. SF book club as an 
edition which includes both of them in one volume. In print now, I'm pretty 

I'm not familiar with When the Lights Go Out, but Electric Forest was one of 
my keepers, and Silver Metal Lover has what amounts to a cult following. I 
had a certain facination with Day by Night when it came out, but didn't keep 
a copy, and her collection of retold failry tales (Red as Blood) impresses 
the hell out of me.

BTW, I believe that The Dragon Hoard was Lee's first novel.
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