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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Tue Mar 5 21:17:21 EST 2002

Sallyo wrote:
> > don't know why.  Despite pointed and constant comments from
> > > friends, I can't bring myself to want to read Guy Gavriel Kay.
> > > No idea why.  Just don't wanna.
> >
And then Kyla wrote:
> > I did, once, and didn;t like it. The style was over-ornamented
> for my taste
> > and there was too much yuck.
> That's a major source of disagreement with a) one of my best friends and
> b) my ex-boyfriend. She adored the Fionavar Tapestry; he thought that
> Tigana was one of the best books ever. I read the first book of Fionavar
> and started the second, got sidetracked and never got back to it. I figure
> that's a clue that I didn't really want to read it. I also
> French one. Can't remember the name; I think I got kind of annoyed at the
> characters, and figured that since I'd *tried* to read Kay, and had
> completed two books, I could legitimately say I didn't like his books.

Well, I'm going to have to come out of lurkdom to tell you that Guy Gavriel
Kay is one of my favourite writers. I love his books, Especially Tigana,
which I too think is one of the best books ever - for me.  I always look out
for his new ones and book them from the local bookshop months in advance of
publication. But I don't mind you not sharing my viewpoint - my sister who
usually likes the same books as me finds them too violent. And I agree the
style is very ornamented - but I like it. I like the high emotional pitch he
While we're on the subject of book recommendations, I read 'Passage' by
Connie Willis on the recommendation of people on the list and liked it very
much, and thought about it heaps after I had finished. But I tried Mary
Gentle's 'Ashe' - also recommended by people on the list - and couldn't get
past the first couple of pages. It was the language, mainly. It gets in the
way of the story, for me.
Now Georgette Heyer is someone whose books I both love and dislike. Not all
at once, you understand. I like many of  the romances, but can't some of
them I positively dislike, especially Cousin Kate. And I can't be bothered
with the detective ones. One of hers that I really like, that hasn't so far
been mentioned, I think, is The Tollgate.
Well, that's enough from me - back to work!

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