Heyer (was Re: Which dwj char are you?)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Mar 5 20:03:12 EST 2002

 since I'd *tried* to read Kay, and had
> completed two books, I could legitimately say I didn't like his books.

I'd usually agree with this, but if I'd read just (say) Homeward Bounders
and one of the Dalemarks, I'd be inclined to say I didn't (much) like DWJ! I
remember when I started reading her with Dogsbody and Ogre I thought she was
good but not great. Then I got Power of 3 and loved the first half but felt
let down in the second. It was the next book I read (Charmed Life) that
really hooked me, though it isn't among my favourites. The ones I *love* are
Goon, Hexwood, Howl, F&H, Sudden Wild Magic, Deep Secret and, to a slightly
lesser extent, Dark Lord and YOTG.

It's odd, but I have a stronger reaction to DWJ and class her higher than
some other authors who have never written a book I didn't enjoy. I suppose
someone who scores several 10/10 as well as a few 4/10 just has a stronger
effect on me than a writer who scores a consistent 8/10!

To continue the Heyer thread, I have a similar thing with her. She wrote a
few books I don't like, a few I love and a lot I quite like. Which puts her
below DWJ.

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