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Tue Mar 5 13:31:13 EST 2002

Hallie wrote:

 Has anyone read
her Vogage of the Basset book, _Islands in the Sky_ I think it's
called?  That series is something else.  I read the first three - by
Tanith Lee, Terri Weindling and Sherwood Smith, and found all of them
incredible.  (Not incredibly good, btw.)  It's amazing how
heavy-handed didactism in favour of Using the Imagination ends up
being almost as annoying as if it were saying the opposite.

YES!  I have!  I agree completely!  I only read the first one (had no
desire to go on) but it seemed to me like a completely commercial
enterprise (rather like that series Jane Yolen put out just following
Harry Potter--Tartan Magic, I think it was called)--no soul to the
storeis, just the reccomended amount of fantasy, humor, and pseudo-angst
with an occasional Pinch of Romance all stirred together to create a Good
Read.  In a word, formulaic.  Disappointing also works.

As for the third Wolf Tower book--I am really, really sorry.  It's out in
the UK and so without thinking I assumed it would be out in the States,
too.  I sincerely apologize for not putting up any kind of warning and
really really hope that none of you let my opinion of it adversely affect


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