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>  > > Lee, Tanith: Law of the Wolf Tower
>>  I think Melissa posted a very favourable opinion of this recently
>>  - Becca and I had rather a different reaction to it.  We did,
>>  however, both love two of her older books - I mean, written
>>  longer-ago, not for older readers:  _Castle of Dark_ (it was
>>  published under a different name in the US), and _Prince on a
>>  White Horse_.
>Have you read _The Dragon Hoard_? That's my favourite.

No, but I will have soon.  Well, "soon" may be a bit optimistic, but 
I toddled down to the library yesterday, filled out a request card, 
paid my 50 cent fee, and now I have merely to wait until I get a card 
saying it's in.  And wait...

>>  Those were my first Tanith Lee books, and nothing else ever lived
>>  up to them, for me.  Although I liked the first Unicorn book, and
>>  think it's worth a read, if only for the peeve.
>My first books were _The Dragon Hoard_ and _Prince on a White Horse_,
>but apart from that these two sentences describe my reaction to Tanith
>Lee quite accurately. I wonder if it's a general phenomenon?

I don't think so, but stranger things have happened.  Has anyone read 
her Vogage of the Basset book, _Islands in the Sky_ I think it's 
called?  That series is something else.  I read the first three - by 
Tanith Lee, Terri Weindling and Sherwood Smith, and found all of them 
incredible.  (Not incredibly good, btw.)  It's amazing how 
heavy-handed didactism in favour of Using the Imagination ends up 
being almost as annoying as if it were saying the opposite.  I found 
myself wondering who the editor/publisher thought the target audience 
would be?  If you BUY a book that's fantasy, surely to goodness you 
don't need to be hit over the head with the idea that Fantasy is 
Good!  Maybe it's for parents who are desperate to turn their kids 
into Harry Potter fanatics like the rest of the kids they know?

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