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Elizabeth Parks mep3 at
Tue Mar 5 11:41:06 EST 2002

Oh--I've got a book by Susan Price on my shelf--it's called The Sterkarm
Handshake.  I can't really say if it's great or not (though what I read
didn't strike me as horrid) because I sort of read the end before all but
the very beginning and have as yet not cared enough to read the middle.
Which probably says something about my opinion of the book--except that it
wasn't so much that I didn't like it as that I was in all-the-way happy
ending mood and it didn't look like it was going to give me that (though
the ending was pretty good).  Have I just contradicted myself enough
times, do you think?  Eek.  I've got a cold and it's in my brain.

As for the Claidi books--I liked the second one best.  After Melissa
(? have I got that right?) reccomended finishing the series, I read that
one, and immediately ordered the third.  Maybe it was just that by the
time I got it I no longer HAD to read it ASAP--maybe it was just that I
expected something more from the series as a whole.  For some reason I was
expecting it to have a Big Messages all about life and the meaning of
Freedom and All That Rot, and when it really didn't, well, I felt like it
was lacking something.  It seemed to me to be promising something it
didn't deliver, and that was what I didn't like about it.  If I hadn't
expected some kind of Great Insight, I think I would have liked the whole
series better.  I also found the writing style a little. . . unusual.  If
I hadn't known that it was brand spanking new I would have guessed it was
written at least thirty years ago (just from the langauge and the way
Claidi expressed herself).  I've read a little by Tanith Lee before: the
Unicorn Books (again, I think I wanted to like them more than I actually
did) and something not too long ago about a prostitute who purifies all
she touches and a man in charge of a secret society. . . but I cannot for
the life of me remember the title.

And I've realized that for some reason I associate TAnith Lee with Angela
Carter.  Any Angela Carter fans?


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