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> > I think I've asked this before, but what is the connection to the name
> > "Odile" and Fairy tales?  It comes up in DS (Android
> receptionist), Tam Lin
> > (anne and Odile Beauvias) and Beauty, by Sherri Tepper (can't remember
> > wehre off hand -- oh yeah, the maid.)  None of them are big
> roles, but it
> > seems to be a regular theme...
> I'd not spotted that.  The name that I seem to encounter again
> and again in
> fantasy is Kern.  There's a king of Dalemark, a prince of Hed
> (McKillip, Riddle
> Master series) and a young rebel who got lynched in Engdahl's
> "Heritage of the
> Star" (aka "This Star Shall Abide").  I think this is more
> significant because
> Kern is afaik a fantasy name, not one picked from the real world.

According to, Kern is a Celtic/Gaelic name meaning dark haired
child.  I haven't read any Dalemark for ages, but I seem to remember Hern
being blond...

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