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>>I've just been to the library (a day ago, or so), and I borrowed a couple of
>>children's books in English and French. I wonder if anyone of you
>>have read any
>>of these books, and if you've something to say about them; are they good or
>>bad? Do you reckon the authors? - Can you recommend anything else they've
>>Well, here's the list:
>>Lee, Tanith: Law of the Wolf Tower

I have a copy of this, which I have read, and I remember very little about it,
I'm afraid.  Which probably sums up my reaction to this particular book :-(

Not too different from Hallie's reaction perhaps:

> I think Melissa posted a very favourable opinion of this recently -
> Becca and I had rather a different reaction to it.  We did, however,
> both love two of her older books - I mean, written longer-ago, not
> for older readers:  _Castle of Dark_ (it was published under a
> different name in the US), and _Prince on a White Horse_.
> Those were my first Tanith Lee books, and nothing else ever lived up
> to them, for me.  Although I liked the first Unicorn book, and think
> it's worth a read, if only for the peeve.  Unfortunately for most of
> the rest of the trilogy I found myself thinking that DWJ could have
> done it so much better!

I have a strange relationship with Tanith Lee's books.  Some of them I really,
really love.  But an awful lot are just not my scene at all.  But I still buy
them from time to time, in the hope of discovering another gem...

I started with a book that my brother borrowed from the library, which I think
must have been Dragon Hoard (like a twit, I didn't make a note of the title).  I
immediately looked for TL on the next library visit, and found The Winter
Players.  This made me a convert, and I read what others of her YA books I could
find: Companions on the Road, East of Midnight and Castle of Dark, all of which
I enjoyed (and still enjoy).

Her adult books I didn't get on with so well.  Blood of Roses I found strange,
and the Flat Earth series is not my scene at all, to name a couple of examples.

But three of her adult books stand out as books I would strongly recommend to

The Silver Metal Lover
When the Lights Go Out
Drinking Sapphire Wine

The last of these in particular, a sort of rite-of-passage story, has to be one
of my all-time favourite books, right up there with Sudden Wild Magic and Power
of Three.


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