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Tarja Rainio vierran at
Mon Mar 4 09:14:54 EST 2002

> From looking at the website, it looks like Abhorsen will be 
> available sometime between June and September this year, 
> thank goodness. The date of 2003 was for US release of 
> audio books. I suspect it will be easier and quicker to get 
> it from Australia than wait. Thank goodness for Slow Glass.

I hate to bring you bad news, but the following is copied directly from 
Nix's homepage:

"ABHORSEN continues the story begun in LIRAEL. It is scheduled for 
publication by HarperCollins US around February 2003 and by Allen & 
Unwin in Australia around the same time. It will appear from 
HarperCollins UK in 2004, as they begin with the publication of SABRIEL 
in September 2002.

As of mid-February 2002 I've finished the book, it has had the first 
round of editing and my revisions in response to that edit. The sample 
chapters below have not been copy-edited so there will be some polishing 
of the prose to come and possibly some further minor changes as well."

And here's a link to a posting he made on the subject in November which 
confirms the 2003 date for Abhorsen (you may need to cut-and-paste the 


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