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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sun Mar 3 12:14:51 EST 2002

>Just to put forward the other side of this, fwiw.  Many other 
>book-discussion type lists, at least in my experience, have archives only 
>available to members.  I think there's a lot to be said for it, 
>actually.  I have no problem whatsoever, saying that I loved Passage, or 
>didn't love Sudden Wild Magic that much, or the like.  But that's the 
>limit of what I would say to the world in general.  The group here is one 
>that I consider a lot closer to friends than I would all the net-reading 
>public!  And we've gotten into a lot more personal experiences (many 
>*even* on-topic) than just book reviews we'd be happy to post anywhere.

A lot of this discussion is tending people towards saying, "if I think 
someone might not like a negative comment about a book, I will not make 
it." To me, that's totally unacceptable. I had an experience ages ago when 
I said something mildly negative about a book on a list (I said I didn't 
like the third Native Tongue book as much as the first two); the author was 
on the list, and she emailed me, and we had kind of an interesting if wacky 
discussion about it. All in all, it was a positive experience. I would hate 
to think people are self-censoring out of fear of reprisal. However, my 
point was, I had no idea the author was lurking on the list, and I don't 
think the searchable archive would make a difference. Contrary to popular 
opinion, I do think about my posts before I make them.


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