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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sat Mar 2 17:22:23 EST 2002


>We can make the archives so they won't show up in responsible
>search engines, if that's what people want.  Sometimes I think
>it's kind of nifty (someone searching for Harry Potter might get
>a link to our discussion of it) but Sally and Philip are right,
>it means we have to be careful.  So if people have strong
>feelings one way or the other, let me know.

Just to put forward the other side of this, fwiw.  Many other 
book-discussion type lists, at least in my experience, have archives 
only available to members.  I think there's a lot to be said for it, 
actually.  I have no problem whatsoever, saying that I loved Passage, 
or didn't love Sudden Wild Magic that much, or the like.  But that's 
the limit of what I would say to the world in general.  The group 
here is one that I consider a lot closer to friends than I would all 
the net-reading public!  And we've gotten into a lot more personal 
experiences (many *even* on-topic) than just book reviews we'd be 
happy to post anywhere.

I have actually had a few experiences of either not being able to say 
what I wanted to about a book (I knew the author and really would not 
have wanted her to read what I had to say about her book, no matter 
how politely I phrased it), with getting spammed from talking about a 
book here, and just with being a bit freaked out by someone finding 
all kinds of info about me from a google search - all from this list.

And surely anyone who was searching would find the Chrestomanci 
Castle site, which would lead them to the mailing list?  If people 
were willing to consider this as a possibility, we could even maybe 
do something I've seen on another site - archives only for members, 
but post a couple of words about a few things which have been 
discussed recently?  Eg. Hexwood book discussion, fairy-tale 
resonances in Deep Secret, and other book recommendations ("while 
we're waiting for the next DWJ...") including ---


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