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On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Sally Odgers wrote:

> > It seems to me, FWIW, that if I really mean what I'm saying, it
> > shouldn't matter to me who's going to hear me say it.
> You're probably right. Speaking to a group is always different from speaking
> with one person anyway. I mean, I might moan about a family member to
> another family member, but I wouldn;t say the same thing in a public
> meeting. And DWJ list is a public meeting! So I think the benefits (new
> members, "educating" (ha!) Potterites etc) probably outweigh the slight
> chance of upsetting or offending someone.
Also...we're perfectly allowed to criticize books. Reviewers do it all the
time. I guess the point is just that one shouldn't be needlessly
nasty; and the words "I think that" are very useful. Also useful is the
distinction between "I did not like this book" and "This book was bad." I
would be very wary of terming anything just plain bad--unless it's, say,
The Eye of Argon. (BTW, if anyone wants to read a highly amusing story
about criticism in front of an author, among other things, read Margaret
Ball's "Tales from the Slushpile," in _Did You Say Chicks?!_, the sequel
to _Chicks in Chainmail_. There's an author mentioned named "Susan
Crescent." Hee. Subtle. Very subtle.)

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