Library hold policy (was Re: freedom and necessity)

Emma Comerford s369161 at
Fri Mar 1 19:48:05 EST 2002

>Paul, quoting Venkarel:
>>> I have this theory, sometimes, that when you
>>> place a hold on a book, the librarian doesn't actually
>>> look for the book and place it on hold for you, but
>>> waits until some unfortunate soul tries to check it
>>> out, the computer flags it, and the book is taken away
>>> from them.
>> I can't see when that would ever happen, since that would imply that
>> the book was available to be borrowed already, and people only put
>> holds on books that aren't available to be borrowed. IYSWIM.
>I do see what you mean, but I think that this actually happens in our
>If they can't find a book on the shelves (it's been mis-filed, for
example) they
>put it on hold for you.  This means that when someone checks it out, the
>computer registers it.
>What's worse is that, like any other request, they are not prevented from
>borrowing it, but will merely be unable to renew it.  Seriously!  I have
>borrowed books and been told, that's been requested so I won't be able to
>it.  Yuck.

I've actually had the librarian tell me once as I was borrowing a book that
it was requested by another reader and thus I couln't borrow it! The look
of shock and horror on my face convinced her to let me have it out first.
Luckily this doesn't usually happen!

Emma (de-lurking briefly to share this terrible tale)

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