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Fri Mar 1 15:51:30 EST 2002

I was looking on information on Sorcery and Cecilia a little while ago, and 
I found a whole bunch of stuff, and that it was really cool.  Some of the 
names sounded familiar, but it wasn't until I got to my own post that I 
realized I was looking at our list! :-)

I found out about the list by a web search, too, I was looking for Tam Lin 
discussions about Fire & Hemlock and came up with the list

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> On Fri, 1 Mar 2002 Philip.Belben at wrote:
> |Sally wrote:
> |
> |> Speaking of the Archives, posts show up in the google search. So,
> <vbg> we |> better be careful what we say! Say I said something rude
> about an author or |> editor and someone else did a "search" for that
> author or editor... my |> comment would probably show up in the hits.
> Scary, eh.
> |
> |I think it's only fair to say, this has happened.  I was the unfortunate
> to |whose comment the author (a relative of mine) objected.  Afaict this
> has been |sorted out now, with the author's name deleted from a couple of
> items in the |archive.
> We can make the archives so they won't show up in responsible
> search engines, if that's what people want.  Sometimes I think
> it's kind of nifty (someone searching for Harry Potter might get
> a link to our discussion of it) but Sally and Philip are right,
> it means we have to be careful.  So if people have strong
> feelings one way or the other, let me know.
> -deborah
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