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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Mar 1 12:25:13 EST 2002

I have obviously been going through my emails where people recommend books, 
after Freedom and Necessity (excellent), I and have finally caught up and 
read Bridge of Birds (v.g.). I also read The Story of the Stone, which was 
good but not as good as the first one. Can someone tell me how many more 
there are in the series, and do they retain the quality, or is it all a bit 
downhill after the first one. Or maybe it was me - I can't generally read 
more than one Pratchett in a row and still enjoy them, so perhaps I should 
take a break before reading the next one.

I have heard a rumour, from a reasonably reliable source that Garth Nix's 
Abhorsen, which was supposed to be out around now, will not make an 
appearance until June or July. Sigh.  I was hoping someone might contradict 

ps for listers who also subscribe to girlsown, I am not insane, but thank 
you SOOOOO much for asking.

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