Which dwj char are you?

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Fri Mar 1 11:42:51 EST 2002

Oh, dear.

I've been thinking about this--who I'm most like--and I've just figured
out.  And this is sort of embarrassing in the light of all those
"Christopher Chant is a brat" posts that were up a week or so back, but I
really think I'm most like Christopher.  I'm a brat, for one thing, and
when I was little I was universally adored and it took me a while to
realize that things have changed (ie, one cannot be a brat and be loved by
all straight off the bat).  I'm also really, really good ab being
bumptious--that's when I do my best work.  Of course, I'm not a tall boy
who's good at cricket--physically I think I'm closest to Maree right now
(in part due to the fact that I'm sort of afraid to get my hair cut here
in Scotland because I don't
know how many centimeters to tell them to cut off--I'd be afraid I'd say
meters instead or something stupid like that), but other than
that--Christopher.  Not Chrestomanci, but Christopher.

and now I have told you what makes me a clistoffer!


. . . and after Christopher, I think I'm most like Gair.  Maybe a
combination of the two.  Hmm.  If I could pick one I'd want to be like,
I'd say Howl without hesitating--er, after the end of the book--but I'm
not sure if that's just because I adore Howl beyond words or because I'd
really want to be like him.


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