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catherine wright crachelwright at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 09:49:50 EST 2002

 --- "Rowland, Jennifer A B"
<jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk> wrote: > > Oh, we're
everywhere, you know <evil cackle>.

So it seems... only this morning the girl oppostie me
on the Tube was reading _Cotillion_. It Must Be
> I think the probability of bumping into a fan of
> [your favourite
> non-bestselling author] just goes up in a gathering
> of people who read,
> especially if they recommend books to each other! I
> don't *think* anyone on
> the list *only* reads DWJ...? 

Well, no, of course not... but the genres of fantasy
and Regency romance seemed rather... distant. Now I
think about it a bit more, of course, the pleasures
which are common to them seem more obvious (witty
characterisation, good plotting, and so on). Duh.


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