Which dwj char are you?

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Mar 1 08:54:53 EST 2002


>Oh, yes.  Who is Anne?  I've been going over DWJ characters in my head, and I
>can't find an Anne at all.  Except Enna Hittims, I suppose - one of the two or
>three remaining DWJ stories I haven't yet managed to get hold of :-(
>(I shall probably be very embarrassed here - I almost didn't identify Amanda,
>and SWM is my favourite DWJ)

Well, at risk of embarrassing you, but wasn't it Vierran/Ann being discussed?

Hallie (desperately seeking distraction from an essay which MUST be 
finished - so thanks for all the posts!)

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