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On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 08:03:17PM +0100, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> > Thanks, I'll see if I can track down the Last Herald-Mage then.
> Just be aware that it *is* heavy on the teen angst!  It helps to read it
> with a degree of nostalgia for that period of one's life. :-)  (Though there
> is a funny aside in the last volume where the hero realises he's whining and
> makes a comment about how whenever he's tired, he reverts to being a bratty
> 15-year-old!)

Well, just reporting back that I have read "Magic's Pawn" and I now know
what you meant by "heavy on the teen angst"!  There were points at which
I was really sympathetic to Vanyel (*sniff*), and others where I just
wished he'd grow up.  I was a bit surprised to find that the hero was
gay -- it makes all the Extremist Fundie protests about Harry Potter
look even more ridiculous, considering there's really nothing
objectionable in HP, yet tell them there's a teen story where the hero
is *gay* and they'd probably die of apoplexy and then start spinning in
their graves -- except that there's been no high-profile complaints about
Lackey that I know of.  I know I was uncomfortable with the concept, but
didn't get irritated until they kept on going *on* about it...

The magic in Valdemar is still less than stirring, but a bit more
interesting than I've seen in Lackey before, possibly because there was
more explaining going on, and also because the characters were
reasonably engaging, so the magic was much more a side-issue.  Still,
why is Lackey obsessed with blue eyes and white hair?  And I find the
Companions kind of unbelievable.

Am now in the middle of "Magic's Promise" but I can tell it isn't
keeping my attention that well, because I keep on skipping ahead and
then going back again.  Doesn't help that all this discussion of Neil
Gaiman prompted me to go back and start re-reading my Sandman books...

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