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Sun Jun 30 00:22:02 EDT 2002

On Sat, Jun 29, 2002 at 07:19:29PM -0700, Ven wrote:
> internet friends, however what no one has
> mentioned so far is the value of teaching people
> where to go and how to find books they might
> like. I picked up book, library and bookshop
> skills in a very adhoc manner, driven by my
> hunger for books, the lack of them is another
> obstacle for the less enthusiastic reader.

Okay, so what *do* you think these book-finding skills *are*?
I haven't ever given the matter much thought.  Maybe there are some
skills I have that I don't know about, or skills that I don't have that
I would find useful.

I mean, the basic obvious method is: go to library/bookshop, go to SF/F
section, pick up book, look at cover, read blurb, put down book.
Maybe read the first page of book also, to see if the author has a
plodding style.  (Alan Dean Foster has interesting ideas, but he can't
And: find author one likes, read everything by them.

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