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Another thread I never caught up with

Dorian wrote

<<Vivien Alcock - I only have one of her books,
"The Haunting of Cassie
Palmer", but it's very good (daughter of a fake
spiritualist raises a

She is very good at rising tension. 
I actually find I prefer her non fantasy, usually
for older readers, eg The Cuckoo Sister, Wolf and
the one about the secret society that gets out of
hand, it has a more solid feel. 

Gillian Cross - "The Demon Headmaster" and
sequels, also "The Dark Behind
the Curtain" for slightly older kids - this one's
a bit creepy. This is another writer who is good
at doing messed up family stories. When she is on
form she's very good but I find some of her work
a bit slight.

Otherwise, on this thread lots of good
recomendations, some I'll be taking up. I've come
across a lot of good books on other people's
recomendations from the children's librarian in
my home town to friends and most recently form
internet friends, however what no one has
mentioned so far is the value of teaching people
where to go and how to find books they might
like. I picked up book, library and bookshop
skills in a very adhoc manner, driven by my
hunger for books, the lack of them is another
obstacle for the less enthusiastic reader.

Here's a question, is there anyone on the list
who at some time has not been an enthusiastic
reader? What got you into/back into books?


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