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Sat Jun 29 20:25:57 EDT 2002

I come back from holidays and you all are talking about fic. I love it. I am a professed "long haul" ficcer myself. (I've written in approximately eight fandoms, since about 1994.) So just briefly, my .02. I myself write fic because the book/movie/show of inspiration is literally driving me crazy.  An odd/disappointing end is often an impetus. (Which explains the F&H rant written on the five hour ride from college to home.) Even more so, a development I don't agree with. (Season Three Angel, anyone?)  I chew the questionable bit over in my head, and want to discuss plot points endlessly. I don't want to drive my friends nuts talking about it, so I write fic. So for me, it's about the self-gratification. Totally. I don't care if anyone reads it. I made myself happy and cleared the air and that's all that matters.  


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