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Sat Jun 29 07:29:01 EDT 2002

> I have also begun reading The Books of Magic, which is about a boy who is
> introduced to the world of magic which coexists in and around our own.
> of.  It's been collected into a number of volumes, and I've only read the
> first, which was pretty but not earthshattering
First there was a Books of Magic miniseries (4 vols) and then BoM series
proper. If it's the latter you're reading, try to find the former first.
Lots of crossovers with Sandman there.
The boy - Tim Hunter - bears a rather uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter,
but he was here first by some years. Black hair, spectacles, dysfunctional
family, magic powers... I recall reading a comment by Neil Gaiman after the
Potter phenomenon kicked off, saying sth along the lines of 'it will always
be thought of as a rip-off of HP now'
Tim's now grown up (ish) and BoM is finished. His story is now being told in
Hunter. Oh yes, I think he was in a miniseries called The Children's
Crusade, too.
All excellent stuff.

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