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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Sat Jun 29 01:22:55 EDT 2002

> > Sally Rogers-Davidson's wonderful "Polymer" is one of that ilk.

> Sounds interesting, so I went to look it up, but could find no mention of
> in either or What's it about, Sally?

It's Australian, and Amazon doesn't stock all that many Aus books. Plus, it
was pubbed by a publisher which went out of business soon after.

The book is a wonderful space opera, about Polly Meridian (Polymer) who
lives on a space station. On the night of her high school leavers' party,
the station is attacked by aliens (not purple ones - they look human). Polly
is enslaved, then taken in by "Ray", the empress's son, with whom she has a
complex love/hate relationship. There are escapes and ploys, and the whole
lot... I think it's a wonderful first novel and, to the best of my
knowledge, the only space opera pubbed in Aus up to that time. You can still
buy copies here and there, or you can get one from Sally Rogers-Davidson -
she has some stock.

She has another book - SPARE PARTS - also out. That one was pubbed by


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