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Kathleen babbled...
> > "`I am that merry wanderer of the night'?  I am that giggling-dangerous-
> > totally-bloody-psychotic-menace-to-life-and-limb, more like it."
> > -neil gaiman
> Oh, this is good! Where is it from? Who is Neil Gaiman? What do I read
> first?

You don't know Neil Gaiman?  Oh boy, have you missed out!

Neil Gaiman is best known as the author of the Sandman comics.  They're dark
fantasy with lots of myth, fairy-tale, literature and other references
beautifully blended in.  The main character (the "Sandman") is Dream of the
Endless (who are not gods, who existed before the gods, and will still be
there after the gods have died).  The Endless are the anthropomorphic
personifications of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction (who abandoned his
realm), Desire & Despair (who are twins) and Delirium (who used to be
Delight).  All of them show up to greater or lesser extents in the stories.

He's also written some straight novels - "American Gods" is his most recent,
and "Neverwhere" accompanies the eponymous TV series (which he also wrote).
There are others, but I think those two are his best.

IIRC, the quote is from one of the Sandman "short stories", about Will
Shakespeare and a performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" before the
"real" characters in it.

What do you read first?  Hm.  If you want to read the Sandman stuff in
order, you start with "Preludes and Nocturnes".  (All the comics have been
collected into a set of graphic novels, of which that is the first.)  I find
P&N a bit patchy; he was still finding his stride with that one.  You might
do better to start with one of the more coherent ones:  "The Dolls House" is
the second one (and contains the utterly hilarious (and very disturbing)
Serial Killers Convention).  Or "Season of Mists", which involves Lucifer
deciding he's had enough and closing down Hell.  *Don't* start with "Dream
Country", which is a short story collection, and has some of the most
horrible artwork in any of them!  (The artwork is pretty varied; if you
don't like the art in whichever one you start with, do persevere, because
sooner or later there'll be a different artist!)

I can feel babbling coming on, so I'll stop now (yes, I'm a big Gaiman

Until the sky falls on our heads...


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