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On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Kathleen Jennings wrote:

|I don't seem to recall having the same harrowing experience as everyone
|else. Maybe because I didn't like Fitz as much as the story. I *did* like
|that little critter bent on revenge.

I found it harrowing, but loved the books.  I found it harrowing
primarily because I've read all the books as they came out
(rather than waiting for a complete series) an Hobb books tend to
spend the entire second book and parts of the first and third
*horribly*.  Everything that can go unjustly, does.  The bad guys
have universal acclaim for their evil actions.

I get enough of that watching the news, thanks,

It makes her not-quite-fair-enough endings okay me, because at
least suffering isn't like it was 300 pages ago.

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