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Ian W. Riddell iwriddell at
Fri Jun 28 08:20:02 EDT 2002

> > >OK, I know that some on this list don't like
> > Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire"
> > >sequence,
>I love these, the best epic fantasy under construction
>at the moment IMHO, the politics are great, and the
>characters are very interesting, as long you don't get
>too attached to them. So many plot twists and turns. I
>can't wait till the end of the year when book 4
>appears, and then two more years for book 5 - uggh!

So far I've been spared mourning for my favorite characters (because I've 
become attached to the ones that Martin seems to want to live!), but the end 
of the 3rd book was still a shocker. I read the last 500 pages in one day 
and was almost breathless at the end. Often if I feel that way I'll read the 
book again,  but "Storm of Swords" is over 1000 pages long and how could I 
justify rereading it without rereading the first two (also around 1000 
pages) volumes too. No, I'll wait at least a year . . .

>  but I'm also in the market for some really
> > big-scale, political
> > >fantasy.
>Guy Gavriel Kay seems to be a favourite of many on the
>list; His Sarntine Mosiac books ( a two volume fantasy
>epic - where's his regard for tradition) are great
>politics, as is Lions of Al-rassan which is set in the
>same world.
I adore Kay. I have read "The Fionavar Tapestry" at least 6 times and the 
"Sarantine Mosaic" blew me away. I recently read "The Lions of al-Rassan" 
which is now my non-Fionavar favorite.

It helps, of course, that he's Canadian :-)



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