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On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 05:03:35PM +1000, Kathleen Jennings wrote:
> > "`I am that merry wanderer of the night'?  I am that giggling-dangerous-
> > totally-bloody-psychotic-menace-to-life-and-limb, more like it."
> > -neil gaiman
> Oh, this is good! Where is it from? Who is Neil Gaiman? What do I read
> first?

Not being a fan of Terry Pratchett *at all* (despite book-loans from
well-intentioned friends) I didn't know where this came from, but I
would say, yes, yes, go and pounce on some Neil Gaiman... except that
buying all the Sandman books is really quite expensive (wry smile).  And
I suspect it would be quite difficult to find them in a library.

The tale goes, or so I heard, that some portion of the Sandman series
won the World Fantasy Awards; and the next year they explicitly excluded
Graphic Novels so that it wouldn't happen again.  Sandman is a "comic"
(except that it isn't comic at all, nor is it superficial) so I really
do perfer the term "graphic novel" to describe it.  Or them.  (It's a
series).  It's a blend of fantasy, horror, myth, yet set in a
here-and-now whose veneer of mundanity is stretched very thin.  It has
its own mythos.  The stories vary; some of the horror bits were really
too icky for my taste, nightmare-level stuff (pun not intended), but the
rest of it ranges from the amusing to the profound, often enough

He has also written "Stardust" (a tale of Faerie) (which comes in both a
normal book version, and a nice big illustrations-on-every-page
version).  Also most recently "American Gods"; but from what I've read I
don't think I'd like that one, so I haven't bothered.

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