problem with my posts?

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Jun 28 02:32:18 EDT 2002

Hi all

>For some reason, your mailer or mail server is sending the
>messages as multipart/mime messages with two parts, both text:
>the message, and the little footer melissa mentioned.  It's
>odd, and may look disturbing in some mail viewers, but both parts
>are plain text.  No html, no virus.  So all is good.

Sorry for this digression. We have worked out that our virus checker is 
sending what look like attachments to people who are reading (I think) 
their mail on text readers. We don't control the format of this, and 
obviously it looks different to different people, depending on your mail 
program. If people find it annoying, we can turn the virus thingy off, but 
the point is to try to ensure we aren't passing on viruses.


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