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Thu Jun 27 23:55:21 EDT 2002

I just joined a couple of days ago. Funfun.

Name: Tori

Occupation: High School student.

Age: 17

Location: Thousand Oaks, California . . . which my friends and I nicknamed 
Suburbia, USA - the name fits, too.

Favourite DWJ:  Hexwood

First DWJ:  Hexwood again. And it took a long time before I discovered she'd 
written other books. A v. happy surprise.

Favourite Authors:  DWJ (of course), Tad Williams, Robert Silverberg, Harry 
Turtledove, JK Rowling (heh), KA Applegate (heh again), Bruce Coville, Tamora 
Pierce, Ray Bradbury, Diane Duane, LJ Smith, Gayle Greeno, Alan Dean Foster, 
Douglas Adams, James Herriot, Philip Pullman, Orson Scott Card . . . and many 
others I can't recall at the moment. Sorry in advance about misspelling any 
names, as I'm rather prone to it.

Hobbies:  Reading, wandering about on the internet, and color guard - which 
takes up a lot of time, once the competition seasons start up properly.
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