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Thu Jun 27 23:17:18 EDT 2002

Another belated introduction, I go away for a few weeks and I'm overwhelmed 
by messages!    I've always been a lurker, so maybe this will help me get out 
of that mode.

Name: Lauren Ressue

Occupation: Student

Age: 18

I live in:  Hinesburg, VT, soon to be a student in Beloit, WI

How I discovered the list:  Searching the web for DWJ of course

Favourite DWJ:  Fire and Hemlock and Howl's Moving Castle

First DWJ:  Not sure . . . the one that hooked me was Hexwood, but I seem to 
remember reading Witch Week before that.

Favourite Authors:  Ayn Rand, Guy Gavriel Kay, Tolkien, Patricia 
McKillip,Douglas Adams, Sylvia Engdahl, Bruce Coville, Ellen Raskin,  John 
Irving, Salinger, Judith Merkle Riley . . . probably lots others that aren't 
coming to mind.

Number of Books Owned:  Too many, and not enough.  But two bookcases worth 
anyway plus lots laying around the house, just in case I feel the need to 
pick them up :)

Hobbies:  World languages, conlangs, flute, bassoon, herbs, medievia, 
puzzles, knitting . . .

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