Round The Twist (was Re: Euro-Colony fantasy)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Thu Jun 27 22:01:25 EDT 2002

The Round the twist stories are taken from short
stories by Paul Jennings. (i haven't kept up his books
enough to be sure if this applies to the fourth series
which is currently being repeated here). Most of the
books have titles starting in "Un-" such as "unreal",
"unbearable", "uncanny" etc plus "quirky tales" and
"Tongue tied". These stories are not written around
the same group of characters used in the TV series. He
has written other stuff in a similer vein. There is
one book that is a straight adaptation of the series
called "round the twist" and also at least one comic
version with a couple of stories in it. Paul Jennings
is the only author more popular than RL Stine and
Roald Dahl with Australian school kids, and another
recommendation for a kids fantasy author (except in Oz
where every kid has read him).

Jon Noble

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