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Thu Jun 27 17:47:46 EDT 2002

=> Someone:
> > I like the politicking of Katherine Kerr, but her later books are not as
> > interesting to me.  >
> I liked those, but found her writing style got very tiresome after a
> She's one of those writers who finds a phrase she likes and *keeps* *on*
> using it!  Frex, the first time someone "wept in a brief scatter of tears"
> it was a nice phrase.  By the end of the book every single character had
> done so, many more than once, and I was heartily sick of the phrase!  But
> you can get past that, they're not bad at all, and she has the merit of
> knowing her Celts (unlike far too many writers of Celtic fantasy!).

I didn't notice the brief scatter of tears until you pointed it out last
summer. Then it kept jumping out of the page at me!

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