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Widdy asked...

> I will of course, continue my quest to read all of DWJ and reread all of
> LeGuin, but I'm also in the market for some really big-scale, political
> fantasy.
> What's Tad Williams like. Eddings?

Well, I haven't read Martin (yet!), but based on your description...ISTR
that Williams is pretty sweeping, but I haven't read any of his since I was
in college, for some reason (11 years ago).

Eddings is fun, I find (though many despise his work) - no-brainer quest
fantasy for when you don't want to think.  Not much in the way of politics
in the Belgariad, but some in the Mallorean and a fair amout in the Elenium
and Tamuli (with Church Knights and suchlike fun stuff).

The Empire trilogy Feist did with Janny Wurts (to tie in another thread!)
would probably also fit your bill - lots of very complicated politicking in
a Japanese-y world.

If you feel like expanding to science fiction, Lois McMaster Bujold's
Vorkosigan series has derring-do and mercenaries and fantastically
complicated politics over several planets.


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