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>If you like George Martin, you might also like Mary Gentle's _Ash_.  I
>haven't finished it, because the profanity (which is an integral part of the
>main character's personality) really put me off.  But I thought the premise
>was interesting and the story engrossing: warfare and politics combined.  Is
>it Dorian who likes these books so much?  My mind is going.  Anyway,
>somebody else here can probably elaborate.  If you don't like frame stories
>it might annoy you, but *I* like them and I thought this one was as clever
>and engrossing as the novel--in fact, given my antipathy to Ash's language,
>I kinda wished there was a version that focused more on the frame a la

I had real problems with this, although I found it an interesting idea, 
because the frame wasn't quite believable for me. I guess if you read 
fiction about your career area you are more sensitive to detail -- anyway, 
it really didn't stack up. I also found the prose hard going and a lot of 
the story long, so I didn't finish it. Possession is one of my favourite 
books of all time; and there, I find the frame and setting accurate to the 
point of hilarity. I'm also one of the only people I know who doesn't skip 
the poetry parts.

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