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>on 27.6.2002 18:43, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at wrote:
>> I like the politicking of Katherine Kerr, but her later books are not as
>> interesting to me.  The first four, _Daggerspell_, _Darkspell_, _The
>> Bristling Wood_, and _The Dragon Revenant_
>IIRC, Widdy is from Britain, so he needs to note that the last two books of
>the four mentioned above are named _Dawnspell_ and _Dragonspell_
>respectively in their British editions.

Oh, thanks.  I had forgotten about that.  Good point.  The "Days of" books
in the series also have different titles in the U.K., for any of you looking
for them there...I found Kerr's website so here it is if anyone is looking
for more info:

Melissa Proffitt
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