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Thanks Tara.

Actually, I'm originally from Canada, now living in Pennsylvania, soon (next 
week) to be living in Madison, Wisconsin.

I did live in Liverpool for a year when I was 8, though.


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>on 27.6.2002 18:43, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at wrote:
> > I like the politicking of Katherine Kerr, but her later books are not as
> > interesting to me.  The first four, _Daggerspell_, _Darkspell_, _The
> > Bristling Wood_, and _The Dragon Revenant_, are all exceptionally
> > interesting and full of Celtic-flavor politics and warfare.
>IIRC, Widdy is from Britain, so he needs to note that the last two books of
>the four mentioned above are named _Dawnspell_ and _Dragonspell_
>respectively in their British editions.
>I quite liked the first four or five books of the series, but then after
>them, I just lost urge to read further. I have bought all the latter parts
>of the series but just haven't gotten around to reading them.
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