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Thu Jun 27 12:26:34 EDT 2002

Widdy asked for recs. of:
> really big-scale, political fantasy.

I was going to recommend Katherine Kerr till I was beaten to it. There's
also Katherine Kurtz with her Deryni series. Melanie Rawn is good- I've read
all of the "Dragon Prince" series and two of the Ambrai series, and enjoyed
all of them. (The Ambrai ones are set in a gender-role-reversed society). 
More tentative recs; C.J. Cherryh's sf is always full of politics, but I
haven't read any of her fantasy AFAIR. Steven Brust is a different style,
less epic, but lots of plotting. If you can put up with his !@*%!
onomatopoeia, L. E. Modesitt does big series.

(I just had a quick look at amazon to jog my memory and nearly burst out
laughing at how many of the titles in the "Epic" section could be straight
out of the Tough Guide. There really is a Rune Blade Trilogy. [By Ann
Marston, who I've never heard of.])
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