Harding's Luck

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Thu Jun 27 11:48:14 EDT 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002 11:39:06 -0400, Devra at aol.com wrote:

>In US, Harding's Luck was recently reprinted (by Books of Wonder?) hc/pb, as were a number of her others.  Trade pb, I mean.

Excellent!  The library didn't have this one.  And since I have just
discovered that sometimes using Interlibrary Loan DOES result in their
ordering the book, maybe I'll give it a shot.

>Anyone ever read "Power of the Rellard" by Logan?  I seem to remember her being cited as an Aussie writer....unfortunately when I discarded her lone copy from my library I didn't snabble it for myself.  dumb

Is she an Aussie?  I started reading that book and lost interest, but I
can't remember why...seem to recall it had more to do with circumstance than
content.  Is it worth trying again?

Devra, I am SO jealous of your ability to discard books.  There is one
particular book I want for myself, but can't afford to buy, and I have been
haunting the book sale shelves ever since walking past this horrible, rotten
man sitting like a big fat hairy spider on the floor with MY BOOK in his
horrible, rotten pile.  I wish I had the power over discards so I could pick
out the ones I want for myself!

Melissa Proffitt
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