Round The Twist (was Re: Euro-Colony fantasy)

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Thu Jun 27 07:59:44 EDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 11:26:29AM +0100, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
> Ven wrote: 
> > I'm very glad of it, this current discussion is
> > not only enthralling but goes a long way to
> > explaining that  Aussie kid's programme Going
> > Round the Twist.............  
> Oh, that was so good! I wonder if they're on video... <humming theme tune>

I have seen a few videos in my local ABC shop... I don't think they're
all available, but at least the first season is/was, I think.

Yes, it's a very catchy theme tune, I agree.  The actual stories were a
bit too wierd for my taste, well, not too wierd, but sometimes too icky.
(A friend lent me the first season once)

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