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> Jumping in here to say that (although I haven't
> yet read Fool's Errand) I think you should read
> the Liveship books next, for reasons I cannot
> reveal. I can't promise you won't be disappointed
> but I enjoyed them a great deal. They are set
> along the coast from Buckland in a region which
> is more developed socioeconomically so that the
> feel is much more of a later, bourgeious milieu.
> This sidestep works very well in separating these
> books form the previous trilogy, allowing it to
> break new ground. 

I disliked this trilogy. I think I found the different narrators "bitty",
after the single narrator of the first three- ISTR that you don't find out
how the strands connect until the middle of the second book or something.
Plus, several narrators gives the opportunity for Hobb to take *several*
sympathetic characters and completely destroy their lives, instead of just
one. I got fed up with it in the end, didn't finish book 2 and didn't read
most of book 3, but I did peek at the end. Obviously my taste is not
everybody's, it isn't that they're bad books or anything. But if you find
you don't like them, I'd say to get the third one from the library and read
the last 40 or 50 pages. These books aren't at all essential to enjoying
"Fools Errand", but there's a nice thing at the end of the last book that
refers to something in the Assassin trilogy and there's a nice small
reference to it in turn in "FE" which I was glad I'd seen.
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