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Thu Jun 27 00:50:00 EDT 2002

> My son is a Feist Fan - tho' he says Some Books are Better than Others...
> also likes Robin Hobbs.
I really like *certain* Feist novels. Magician was fantastic, The King's
Buccaneer I loved... as well as The Merchant Prince. The rest are pretty
awful formulaic drivel.

I think the thing that makes me like those of his books above the others is
that they're slightly different... Magician was epic enough that it covered
a lot of territory and fast paced enough to keep me interested. The King's
Buccaneer was all kidnapped heroines and swashbuckling glory... the Merchant
Prince looked at fantasy in a way that isn't often covered... economically.
It's nice to see different parts of the fantasy 'universe' looked at, rather
than just the swords and sorcery stuff you often see.

I think realistically that's why I like DWJ so much, because it's rarely the
stock standard approach to fantasy.

Besides... I laughed myself stupid when I heard him talk at a book signing

Some stereotyped SciFi nerd at the back said: "I understand you based a lot
of your books on a dungeons and dragons game, do you still roleplay?'
Feist replied with : "No... I played a lot in college, but now I have a

Even those of us that are still gamers had a guilty chuckle at that.


I'm not a goth, they're too pretentious...
I'm above that.
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