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Wed Jun 26 22:16:09 EDT 2002

Kathleen wrote

>> Did you know that her newest book, Fool's 
Errand, is a continuation of
> the Assassin Trilogy?
Yes. Is it any good? Was burnt by another trilogy

"continuation" a while

Jumping in here to say that (although I haven't
yet read Fool's Errand) I think you should read
the Liveship books next, for reasons I cannot
reveal. I can't promise you won't be disappointed
but I enjoyed them a great deal. They are set
along the coast from Buckland in a region which
is more developed socioeconomically so that the
feel is much more of a later, bourgeious milieu.
This sidestep works very well in separating these
books form the previous trilogy, allowing it to
break new ground. 


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