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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Wed Jun 26 20:41:01 EDT 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:29:26 +1000, Emma Comerford wrote:

>>>Yes. Is it any good? Was burnt by another trilogy "continuation" a while
>>If you liked the original books, then it is consistently appealing.
>I loved the Assassin's trilogy, but didn't find _Fool's Errand_ as good.
>I'm not even sure why now - it's sort of faded out of my memory, unlike the
>original three. But the books to come might be stronger.

I liked the Assassin trilogy but found it emotionally draining, particularly
the third book.  How does the new series compare that way?  I got very
tired, near the end, of Fitz constantly falling into Mortal Peril and then
out of it again.  That must be some comment on how engaging the character
was, but I don't have the energy for it again.

Melissa Proffitt
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