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Wed Jun 26 16:25:31 EDT 2002

This is a trifle late, perhaps--

Nesbit has some terrific short stories also:  "Melisande" is one you should share with any child struggling with multiplication...after being cursed with baldness, the princess gets a wish and asks for hair a yard long, that grows an inch every night, and twice as fast every time it is cut....

Annie Dalton's other books also: Out of the Ordinary
                                 Night Maze
                                 Naming (something or other)
Jane Louise Curry
yes, aren't Sutcliff's books great?  Mark of the Horselord always makes me cry
Elizabeth Marie Pope (recently reprinted! yay!)
War for the Oaks was just reprinted here in the States too

Neil Gaiman's new book has a full-page ad in SF Chronicle (US newszine--one of the blurbs is by our own DWJ!

Devra (quite overwhelmed by the flood of posts lately!)
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