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Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Wed Jun 26 12:41:42 EDT 2002

>>In my opinion, when dwj leaves gaps, she leaves the tantalizing
>>impression that however she would resolve those gaps is far more
>>intriguing and mysterious than anything I, as a mere reader,
>>could possibly imagine.  There are exceptions.  The end of Crown
>>of Dalemark leaves a fairly standard fan-fiction-inspiring gap:
>>that of Maewen looking for Mitt.  Tellingly, a few of the stories
>>on the Yahoo groups list are based on this gap.
>I completely agree. I'm on the list, but I doubt I will ever post 
>anything there, because DWJ is just too damn *good* for fanfic. In 
>my opinion, a story suitable for fanfic has lots of potential but 
>isn't quite fulfilling it. So it's a compliment to the story (good 
>enough to write about) and yet a critique (didn't do *this*!). Of 
>course, soe flawless stories will still be ficced as parodies and 
>such, but that's another ballgame altogether.

But what about really great stories that people keep wanting to fill 
in the pieces between? The whole genre of the Indonesian shadow 
puppet play is based on this idea: the stories from the Ramayana act 
as a framework for a sort of ever-expanding flower, with new petals 
appearing between existing ones. kind of cool idea, like fractal 
stories: there's a finite framework, but an infinite opportunity for 

I think the reason DWJ seems so fanfic-proof to me is that the books 
seems so tied to her particular voice and sense of structure (like, 
the appeal of Hexwood is as much in the weird shape of the book as 
the characters and setting). I could see Homeward Bounders being 
fertile fanfic ground, or the Chrestomanci world or Archer's Goon, 
which are so much more character-driven (slashfic with Shine and.. NO 

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