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Wed Jun 26 11:35:25 EDT 2002

>In my opinion, when dwj leaves gaps, she leaves the tantalizing
>impression that however she would resolve those gaps is far more
>intriguing and mysterious than anything I, as a mere reader,
>could possibly imagine.  There are exceptions.  The end of Crown
>of Dalemark leaves a fairly standard fan-fiction-inspiring gap:
>that of Maewen looking for Mitt.  Tellingly, a few of the stories
>on the Yahoo groups list are based on this gap.

I completely agree. I'm on the list, but I doubt I will ever post anything 
there, because DWJ is just too damn *good* for fanfic. In my opinion, a 
story suitable for fanfic has lots of potential but isn't quite fulfilling 
it. So it's a compliment to the story (good enough to write about) and yet a 
critique (didn't do *this*!). Of course, soe flawless stories will still be 
ficced as parodies and such, but that's another ballgame altogether.

>Again, I think it goes somewhat without saying why I don't
>personally find dwj particularly slashable.  Her characters of
>both genders are extremely interesting and have extremely
>interesting relationships.  Nor does she dwell particularly on
>only romantic or only non-romantic relationships.  She pretty
>much gets everyone covered.

Someone suggested Howl/Calcifer once, and I'd be interested to read it, even 
though I find Howl/Sophie more than satisfying. To me, fanfiction is a big 
pond of "what if", not necessarily a new and improved version.



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